Sunday, January 25, 2015

Episode 21 - The Hunting Party & Fire + Water w/ Vince Salvani

Dad, I told you to stay out of here!  It's time for Get Lost! with Collin A. Bullock, a show based around a dumb name and even dumber artwork!  Every week stand-up comedian Collin A. Bullock (Sirius XM, Fox TV, a bunch of other shit you've never heard of) sits down with other funny people and they talk about the TV show Lost!  On this edition of the podcast, Collin sits down with stand-up comic/writer/podcaster Vince Salvali to talk about The Hunting Party (Jack-centric) and Fire +Water (Charlie-centric) from season 2!  This is actually a pretty focused discussion of the show Lost, except for the all the dirty jokes and pointless digressions!  Collin's twitter is @awkwardpodcast and Vince's is @funnytastevince

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