Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Episode 29 - A Tale Of Two Cities & The Glass Ballerina w/ Dave Metz

NOTE:  Due to Collin pressing several of the wrong buttons, as opposed to the right buttons, the audio quality of this episode could generously be referred to as "dogshit".  ADDITIONAL NOTE:  You did not pay for this podcast.  Holy cow on a biscuit, sorry Hindis, it's time for Get Lost! with Collin A. Bullock.  This is a podcast where stand up comedy legend Collin A. Bullock sits down with other funny people to talk about the TV show "Lost" episode by episode.  This week Collin sits down with non-self described "garbage jew" Dave Metz to talk about the first two episode of season three:  A Tale Of Two Cities (Jack-centric) and The Glass Ballerina (Sun/Jin-centric).  As it turns out, Dave never even read the text Collin sent him and so he didn't even watch the episodes.  They still manage them to break them down and give them ratings and also be super racist for no good reason!  Collin's twitter is @awkwardpodcast and Dave's is @lake_superior.  Thanks for listening, and Get Lost!

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