Monday, June 22, 2015

Episode 35 - The Man From Tallahassee & Expose w/ Kyle Parks!

Boobs are likes butts but on a different quadrant!  Welcome to Get Lost! with Collin A. Bullock, the only podcast ever!  This is a show where stand up comedians talk about the hit ABC television program Lost, episode by episode!  In today's installment Collin sits down with comedian/podcaster/emo-kid Kyle Parks to talk about the game-changing John Locke-centric episode "The Man From Tallahassee" and the generally disliked (except by Collin, who enjoys it) Nikki/Paulo-centric "Expose".  Collin's twitter is @awkwardpodcast and Kyle's is @turnstiles97.  Thanks for listening, and Get Lost!

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