Monday, April 11, 2016

Episode 51 - Because You Left & The Lie w/ Adam Kwaselow

Great Jon Bonham's ghost, what a mustache!  Welcome to Get Lost! with Collin A. Bullock, the podcast where stand up comics talks about the hit show LOST episode by episode, moments by moments, day by day, until we're all dead and don't have a goddamn thing to show for it!  On today's totally average in every way podcast outing, Collin is joined by others-described "obnoxious jew" Adam Kwaselow, who has not seen Lost before and mostly refers to the characters by ethnicity.  They talk all about the time-travel Jaunt that is Because You Left, and the Hurly funny shirt adventure that is The Lie. Adam's twitter is @Kwaselow and Collin's is @collinabullock.  Thanks for listening, and Get Lost!

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