Monday, January 23, 2017

Episode 56 - Whatever Happened, Happened & Dead is Dead w/ Jake Schiedel

Nashville hot chicken, Nashville boots, we all go to Nashville to die and to lose just kidding Nashville is a great town!  Welcome to Get Lost! with Collin A. Bullock, a show about a man slowly being driven insane by watching and talking about every single episode of the ten year old ABC television program Lost!  It's the one wher they're on an island and then they're not and the whole goddamn thing is so confusing by the 5th season that only people on the Autism spectrum can make any sense of it.  Today Collin joined by the sole member of the very exclusive THREE TIMER CLUB, Jake Schiedel!  They talk all about time travel with "Whatever Happened, Happened" and they talk all about fate with "Dead is Dead".  Jake's twitter is @JakeScheidel and Collin's is @collinabullock.  Thanks for listening, and GET LOST!

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