Monday, October 16, 2017

Episode 61 - LA X parts 1 & 2 w/ Chris Trani

This country is on fire but current president Gary Johnson will save us all and also make hospitals profitable!  This is Get Lost! with Collin A. Bullock, the podcast about a show you don't care about anymore hosted by people you've never heard of!  Every week stand up comedian Collin A. Bullock (Sirius XM, Laugh Factory, Comcast, FOX, currently typing) sits down with other funny people to chat all about the ABC (American Broadcasting Company, let's be formal) television show Lost!  This week Collin is joined by actor, comedian, improviser, etc. Chris Trani to crack open the final season!  They talk all about the two part season premiere, LA X, and all of the alternate reality shenanigans within!  Chris' twitter handle is @ChrisTrani and Collin's is @collinabullock.  Thanks for listening, and GET LOST! 

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